About Us

“Human health is tied to the Ocean”

Originally founded in Japan in 1998, Aishitoto is a biotechnology research & development company that focuses on manufacturing health & beauty products such as Collagen, Health Foods, Cosmetic & Skincare products. Aishitoto’s collagen research began from the strong belief of Ms. Iwamoto’s father that “Human health is tied to the Ocean”. Our research is based on one simple idea: producing delicious and result-driven collagen that can be consumed conveniently and happily every day.



The Founder and CEO of Aishitoto Co. Ltd., Ms. Hatsue Iwamoto, truly believes that everyone should live a beautiful and healthy life. Through Aishitoto’s engagement with the public, the positive Ms. Iwamoto shares her stories and words of wisdom to help and touch everybody’s heart, regardless of age, gender or background.

An active philanthropist, Ms. Iwamoto is the Ambassador of Nakagawa City, Karatsu City, and Miyagi Town Women’s Activity Support Program. She also holds the post of Commissioner of the Fukuoka Rehabilitation Association and the Fukuoka Enterprise Business Support Organization, along with many other active roles in various communities across Japan.