Why are people encouraged to use silicone-free shampoo nowadays?

2020-02-25 07:41:41

That is because silicone is kinda chemical not easy to be washed away. It gives temporary illusion of healthy hair but as days go by, the residue of silicone built up layer by layer on your hair. Your hair gets weighed down, and appears greasy, dull, lacking smoothness and shine. Then, you start to complain your shampoo does not do its work as before.

Aishitoto EX range of hair care is SILICONE-FREE.

Ingredients formulated in our hair care are naturally derived. We guarantee it will not burden your hair with harsh and synthetic chemicals. Without silicone and intoxicating fragrances in our formulation, we promise they make your hair feel its best. Of course, we have a secret ingredient - collagen that will make your hair healthier.

We fell in love at the first try. What about you?

RRP price is RM228 for each item and you can grab them now at RM228 for both items during our launching period. Oh my, WHAT A DEAL ?!

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