Gokayama Restaurant

2020-05-29 07:59:05

☀️Hey peeps, let me continue with my Gokayama Tofu Soy Magic story...

🏔️Gokayama tofu restaurant is situated in the serene and tranquil environment as you walk along the driveway you will be greeted by the cheerful garden.

🏔️Gokayama tofu is being produced from carefully selected Fukuyutaka soybeans from Saga prefecture and freshwater from Mountain Sefuri, Gokayama Tofu texture is smooth and rich in taste.

🏔️Thus, this place truly brings out the best in tofu, from appetizers, buns, the main course, sides and even desserts are all made from Tofu and infused with collagen, the food range is out of this world.

☀️I really don’t mind to have tofu 7 days a week, at least my daily collagen intake is being taken care of.