Fish Collagen - ponder why

2020-02-17 04:19:50

Look at this fish skeleton. Which part of the fish do you consume?

Yeah, you eat the flesh (likely with the skin) and leaving behind the bones, scales, fins, and heads. Why don’t you swallow the scales, bones, fins and the head? Well, if you can digest them, eat up, yes by all means. As this we call them FISH WASTE contains collagen. 25% of fish harvest becomes waste and this waste is useful for resources for collagen extraction.

Needless to say, fish skin is of higher value and quality because people do consume skin when they eat fish. Whatever people consume, it becomes scarce. That makes sense why our Marine Collagen Jelly which is made of deep-sea fish skin is of Highest Premium Grade.


Points to ponder, the SOURCE of collagen :

  • Fish vs Pig, Chicken, Cow

(Antimicrobial or hormones used in poultry farming is alarming these days.)

  • Deep-sea fish vs Farmed Fish

(You know fish farms use antibiotics to prevent and treat bacterial infections)

  • Fish skin vs Bones, scales, fins & heads

(If bones are hard as you might worry your stomach can’t digest, what method and what sort of chemical is needed to dissolve bones in order to extract collagen?)

Where do you prefer your collagen supplement derives its source of collagen from?