What is Ceramide?

2020-02-25 07:23:38

It is some sort of fats, acts like the “GLUE” that holds skin cells together. It is found naturally in the skin but it declines with age.

Babies' skin has an abundance of ceramide, that is why it is so delicate. If you are struggling with ECZEMA and PSORIASIS, you MUST KNOW you do not have enough ceramide in your skin.

What can ceramide do?
• It keeps moisture in, good for dry skin.
• It keeps irritants out, good for problem skin.
• It “water-proof” and waxes the skin, good as a skin barrier, you know it, it is important to act as fencing against all bad stuff.

CERAMIDE is superbly-fabulous for skin that is

1) dry
2) sensitive
3) problematic (eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis)
4) rough
5) sagging
6) sun-damaged
7) wrinkled

CERAMIDE + COLLAGEN, both key ingredients found in Aishitoto URUOI SENGEN CERAMIDE PLUS, what more could one ask for? They are Monde Selection International Quality Medalist.

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