• Understand Sun Exposure and Sun Damage

    Sunlight hits the earth with nasty rays, many are made of ultraviolet light, we call them UV lights. In the short- term, the complication can be just sunburn, skin peeling, which is painful. In the long-run, it continues to damage your skin, create more wrinkles or worse, it can cause life-threatening skin cancer.

    2020-03-05 02:58:47
  • We dive deep to get you Aishitoto Collagen

    If you are looking for a collagen that actually helps your skin, it can be confusing as to which one is the best for the job.

    2020-02-25 07:56:26
  • What is collagen, a picture tells it all

    Maintaining a well-structured collagen network is the key to youthful skin. HOW...

    2020-02-25 07:49:08
  • Why are people encouraged to use silicone-free shampoo nowadays?

    That is because silicone is kinda chemical not easy to be washed away. It gives temporary illusion of healthy hair but as days go by, the residue of silicone built up layer by layer on your hair. Your hair gets weighed down, and appears greasy, dull, lacking smoothness and shine. Then, you start to complain your shampoo does not do its work as before.

    2020-02-25 07:41:41
  • Repurchase Rate in Japan

    Our Aishitoto Collagen Jelly repeat sales rate in Japan. An 86% repeating purchase does mean something!

    2020-02-25 07:37:22
  • Why Aishitoto is No.1

    When we say Aishitoto is the No.1 seller of collagen jelly in Japan for 10 consecutive years, we mean we are simply better than our competitors as a single company.

    2020-02-25 07:30:43
  • What is Ceramide?

    It is some sort of fats, acts like the “GLUE” that holds skin cells together. It is found naturally in the skin but it declines with age.

    2020-02-25 07:23:38
  • Does Collagen Make You Poop?

    "Ever since I have taken the Marine Collagen Jelly, I noticed that I'm frequenting the bathroom..."

    2020-02-21 07:06:18
  • ‘Lazy’ Skincare Routine

    1 Step Skincare Routine for lazy days

    2020-02-21 07:04:20
  • What Is The Best Source Of Collagen?

    It is common knowledge that our body starts losing collagen once we reached the age of 25. That is why our skin loses its former gloss and smoothness as we grow older. There are of course ways to replace the collagen you lose.

    2020-02-21 07:01:56
  • Scary Things That Happen When You Don't Wear Sunscreen

    Are you always exposed to the sun? Are you not someone who uses sunscreen? Read on to find out more about sun exposure and what could happen to you when you don't use sunscreen.

    2020-02-19 07:55:24
  • Fish Collagen - ponder why

    Look at this fish skeleton. Which part of the fish do you consume?

    2020-02-17 04:19:50
  • Aishitoto Chinese New Year Giveaway

    Enjoy this Chinese New Year with FREE Gifts from Aishitoto...

    2020-01-09 07:41:21
  • AISHITOTO x Nutrifest 2019

    Aishitoto is honored to be the Bronze Sponsor of Nutrifest 2019.

    2019-12-06 09:55:13
  • Aishitoto Christmas Sale Is Around The Corner

    HO... HO... HO... 🥳 Santa Claus 🎅 Is Coming To Town ... and he's giving 50% Off‼️

    2019-12-03 08:24:40
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