There is a common thought in customers’ mind that ‘collagen is collagen, same protein regardless of the source’. However, the fact is ratio and concentration of amino acids may vary from source to source, therefore affecting effectiveness in supplying collagen to our body. Let’s figure out this out together.

Why marine collagen?

  • Marine collagen, fish-derived collagen, is known as Type 1 Collagen, most abundant collagen type in our body, especially in dermis, must be an ideal compensator for skin collagen loss.
  • Mammal derived collagen shares a relative percentage to type 3.
  • Fish-derived collagen appears to be the winner in term of bioavailability comparison thanks to its safety, purity and high solubility.

bovine collagen

  • Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen.

  • Excellent for bone, joint and gut health.

  • Rich in proline and glycine.

marine collagen

  • Type 1 Collagen.

  • Excellent for bone, joint and gut health.

  • Rich in proline and glycine.

  • Superior Bioavailability to bovine collagen.

Why Aishitoto uses wild caught fish?

  • Wild-caught fish feeds on natural diet and come into contact with less bacteria and parasites, then are often healthier, purer and richer in nutrient values, compared to farmed fish.
  • Fish used for Aishitoto collagen extraction is wild-caught from Seas of Japan and has to meet strict sanitary and hygienic standards of Japan in order to guarantee the best collagen input.

Benefits of ceramides

Ceramides are used to replenish the natural lipids that are lost from exposure to harsh environmental factors, use of drying products, and during in the aging process. They restore moisture, fortify the skin’s natural barrier and help protect it against harm from foreign elements. Ceramides are also particularly effective in treating eczema.  

Collagen’s molecular size defines its digestibility

  • Together with collagen source, the molecular size appears an important factor deciding collagen quality once mainly defining how effective human body absorbs collagen.
  • As developed under advanced hydrolyzation technology, the complex collagen molecules are broken down into super tiny peptides, helping human body to absorb quickly and effectively.

aishitoto collagen

  • Tiny molecular size.

  • High Solubility.

  • High Digestibility.

conventional collagen

  • Large molecular size.

  • Low Solubility.

  • Low Digestibility.

BSE and TSE Risk Free

Aishitoto collagen jellies produced entirely from non-mammal sources and manufactured in separate room, build exclusively from animal free processing, along with associated warehouse, processing controls and cleaning procedures, the manufacturing zone is completely segregated from any possible sources of animal-derived materials. It is therefore unlikely to present any risk of TSE or BSE contamination.

TSE: Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy

BSE: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy


All fish oils are removed during processing to obtain the purest and finest-quality collagen, therefore there is no fishy smell or after taste.

Aishitoto Collagen Jelly